What is Pokemon Go failed to get game data from the server

What is pokemon go failed to get game data from the server and does it have a solution?

Pokemon Go Google Play Store and App StoreAlthough only a few months after the release of the most popular games as soon as the owner of the throne. In beta Pokemon Go Although it has not been officially published for our country, it can be easily played thanks to the solutions produced. Android owners Pokemon Go'S apkErek can download and play, iOS If the owners İtunnes you can download the country of your account by selecting Australia or any country where the game is published.

Of course, the game started to cheat slowly began to cheat. The first of these is fake gps, fake location applications where you sit by browsing pokemon You could catch up, but soon using fake gps application accounts for a short period of time in the game pokestoplara not receive awards, gym battle and pokemon when you want to catch pokemon immediately after the first ball is exposed to penalties. Later, they released a separate version for the nox program Pokemon go, and this program allows you to capture pokemon from anywhere you sit with one program without having to install a lot of programs like fake gps. Most recently, various bots appeared. The boat seeks pokemon for you without catching anything from your seat.

Cause of Pokemon Go failed to get game data from the server

In order to play the game fairly, he rolled up the niantic arms and had the boots closed one by one and identified all the tricks and banned the accounts. I honestly agree with those who cheat, especially pokemon lovers in our country. Because aside from the hot weather in our country pokestop and gymIn very few cases, the number of people in both under the heat and 5-6 pokestop They don't want to walk for miles. See. Australia, in the step of the men pokestop and gym there is. So friends in short failed to get game data from the server error get past you get a ban like nur ball. If some friends say that the accounts receiving this error were completely deleted from the server, I think that only pokemon has been deleted and account entries are closed, why should you try to log in after deleting all of our information and create a new account. solution If we come, we do not have a solution, if the solution is found, I will edit this article and let you know. Stay healthy.

Unable to authenticate. please try again for error.

Method 1

Friends first pokemon go team made an announcement to re-open unjustly banned accounts. If you object to your banned account, maybe your account will be opened. Go to that address Clicking this form in blue color, we fill the form in English.

Additional info / reason for your request section, you can edit the following text if you want.

Hello, my account was banned. i played pokemon go while i was traveling. Then my account banned. im sorry i can’t download pokemon go on google play. Cause i can’t saw it. Please help me, i can’t speak very well english. Help me please

  • Sign in with Gmail

    • No solution for Android yet
    • Watch this video for ios
  • Login with trainer account

    • Pokemon go trainer clubYou have to log in to your account and activate the mail again.
    • Click here to login verify account Then click on the confirmation link from your e-mail address to confirm your account

I hope it worked, Android If solves for, please share with us.

Update 24.08.2016: I wrote and sent my friends ban objection to my e-mail address and they received my ban appeal form, and after review if they decide to eat unfairly, I received an e-mail saying that my account will be opened. If you have an objection and open the account to share with us.

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