Tiktok Account Deletion – How to delete a TikTok account?

Applications that are popular on the internet for a certain period of time are emerging. Tiktok, which can be called as the best departing application of the last year in our country, managed to reach a wide audience. As this audience expands, the quality of the videos posted can be reduced. As such, some users are beginning to investigate the Tiktok account deletion to delete the Tiktok account.

Users who create their account through Tiktok can discover, follow, and comment on their videos from the explore section on the main page. You'll now see more of the people you follow on Explore on your home page. However, if this environment starts to squeeze you, it becomes your natural right to ask how to delete the tiktok account.

tiktok account deletion

delete tiktok account

How to delete a Tiktok account?

First go to your own profile page from Tiktok app
Touch the Three Dots icon in the upper right corner> Turn on “Privacy and Settings”.
By selecting Yönet Manage Account ”
Tap unuz Are you planning to remove your account?.
You can disable your account by following the explanations in this section.

After completing these transactions, your tiktok account deletion process will be completed successfully. However, please be aware that you will not be able to open your account once you have deleted the tiktok account.

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