sorry, there was a problem with your request error and resolution

No matter how much the Instagram grows, the head does not get rid of errors. The servers are constantly crashing and failing recently. But the issue in this article is not server crash. In this article, we're sorry, we'll discuss the error that occurred with your request, and we'll share solutions.

This error is new, so there are not many solutions and may be due to different reasons. Therefore, if one solution does not work, you must try the other.

sorry, there was a problem with your request error

We're sorry, there was a problem with your request solution 1

You should login via the browser and freeze your account in the settings section after waiting for a while and then open it again.

Instagram account pops If you do not know you can see our article.

Solution 2

In this way you will need a second phone. Log in to your instagram account from another phone and go to settings. Connect your Facebook profile from linked accounts. Then log out of the account using the Sign in with Facebook option.

solution 3

Another solution is to try using a VPN application.

solution 4

In this method, we will look for solutions by cloning our instagram application. We will use the Paralle Space application for cloning. You can download the application from. is

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Hopefully you're no longer sorry, you won't receive an error occurred with your request. Don't forget to try all of the methods. Let us find new solutions if you ever let us know in the comments if it doesn't work.

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