Recover deleted numbers Android

One of the biggest problems of users using smartphones is the deletion of the numbers in the directory. In this article, I will explain how Android users can restore deleted guides. As you know, Android is the operating system developed by Uncle Google. You need to sign in with your Gmail account on all devices with Android OS. It is in your best interest to save someone in your Gmail account when you save someone in the phonebook.

Our contacts saved with Gma remain in our Google account until we delete them. We can sometimes format, erase new rum, or reset our phone to factory settings and delete contacts from the directory. If your contacts have been deleted for one or other reasons, you can recover your deleted contacts by following the steps below.

How to recover deleted contacts?

First, we need to go to and enter People in the other tools window at the top right.

Or you can enter people directly by clicking

Once you've entered contacts, click Restore contacts from More on the left.

A small screen appears and asks us how much we want to download our previous guide. In this screen, when you lost your guide, select the time and press the restore button. If the restore date range isn't enough for you, you can select the feature and upload your guide on the date you want.

I hope you've recovered the deleted numbers. We can help you if you have problems.

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