Kablonet Turksat -Netmaster- Modem Slow (Slight) Solution

Turksat Cable TV and Kablonet service continues to disintegrate Turkey's four corners. Turksat, which offers both cable and cable tv common packages together and separately, aims to offer its users the pleasure of both tv and internet together.

Since the netmaster modems used for the cabling are a bit low, you have to make some adjustments. You can increase your wifi wireless range by successfully setting these settings.

How to speed up my cable internet slowly?

  • If you have a chance to make a wired connection first, try using it like this. With the wired connection, you will have a healthier and faster connection for the future of the internet without falling apart.

Now let's go to the cablemaster netmaster wireless wifi settings;

  • first from your internet browser Login to.
  • From the following screen admin admin Log in by typing. The first time you login, it will ask you to create a new password.
  • After successfully completing your login, you will see the screen with your adı wireless name and password.. Top right "ADVANCED SETTINGS" Click.

Then from the top menu "WIRELESS" We click.

At the bottom of the wireless page that opens “Wireless AP Scan” and allow the “pop-up window” to open from the top right of the browser.

In the wireless ap scan section, you can see which channel the wireless modems around you are using. Here you can use 1 to 13 channels. The important thing here is to select the unused channel. The signals of wireless networks using the same channel may conflict. As the most healthy control channels ”2 – 6 – 11“ channels can be preferred. I chose ”2 olmayan which is not in this channel list.

After you have handled the wireless ap scan event, make the settings that I have marked in yellow below.

If you set the 802.11n mode to automatic, it will deliver faster internet to shorter distances. If you do it off, it will reach a medium distance over a long distance. In this way, you can contribute to your other rooms.

You can set the editor mode to 802.11h. After making all 3 settings, click Apply and close the related page. Then turn the modem off and on.

Note: I have created this page as a result of my own experience. I am not affiliated with the Official Kablonet. Please note that you are responsible for any transactions you may make, and any problems that may arise may not be responsible for tekn365.com.

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