How WhatsApp Can Be Used on a Computer

You can chat on your computer using WhatsApp without the need of a mobile phone. To use WhatsApp on a computer, you must first have your WhatsApp account open and available on your phone.

WhatsApp has continued to grow uninterruptedly with the purchase of WhatsApp by the Facebook platform and has made the computer application that many people want to be completely available. You can download and install WhatsApp immediately on all operating systems on Windows 10 and on Mac OS 10.9+. The design of this application, which belongs to WhatsApp, is almost the same as the Web version of WhatsApp. After installing the application, you can also read the QR code and start using the application quickly.

For installation:

* Open WhatsApp application,
* Log in to Settings,
* Tap the part that says WhatsApp Web,
* Touch Scan QR Code,
* Keep the camera of the phone clearly towards the QR code on the computer screen,

After accepting the code WhatsApp conversations, and when your contacts begin to load the application called WhatsApp on your computer, you will now be able to start using an easy way.

This very interesting feature works very easily from the desktop application as on WhatsApp Web.

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