How to Turn Off Instagram Last Instagram (DM)

Facebook, WhatsApp the last seen feature came to the Instagram application. The last seen feature in the Instagram DM message section has already begun to annoy many users. There was Instagram where we could easily walk around, and on this platform we will be exposed to ”You have entered Instagram, you have not responded to my message”.

Instagram DM last seen feature where you will be asking, DM part of the message you just look at the person next to the name. Expressions such as 1s, 6s, 1g are the last seen date. (s = hour, g = day)

Instagram DM does not seem to be seen last seen if you need to update the application. Update the Instagram app via Play Store or App Store and get this feature.

Instagram DM Message How can I close the last time it was seen?

While in Instagram, log in to Settings> Movement Status and log in to the Göster Show Movement Durum section here. Here you can turn off the feature that shows when the Instagram was last active and when you logged in.

instagram last seen shutdown

instagram last seen shutdown

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