How to Set Privacy Mode on Google Chrome

If you do not want your searches on Google Chrome to be recorded in any way, you can open a hidden window and ensure that no data is recorded. Thanks to this, the sites you have navigated will not be recorded in any way, the user information you have logged in will certainly not be saved, the records of downloaded files will not be kept, but will be saved in the Downloads folder, cookies and site data will not be saved, all forms will be completely hidden in a short way to tell you, everything you do will remain in a secret state.

Turn on Incognito Mode on Chrome

To prevent Chrome from saving your browsing history, you can open a hidden window on your computer and mobile devices, and switch between the hidden window you have opened and the normal windows that are open. You can only be in incognito mode while using the incognito window.

* You must open the Chrome browser,
* You should click the Menu at the top right,
* You should click New Hidden Window from the screen that appears,
* When you see Chrome's detective-like sign in the top right corner, you're in the hidden window.
* All things will be kept secret, nothing will ever be recorded.

How to Turn Off Incognito Mode on Chrome

You can simply turn off incognito mode by clicking the X in the corner of the window.
A special tip; You can open the hidden window more easily by pressing Ctrl + Shift + N on your keyboard

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