How to send money on Whatsapp?

Whatsapp wants to increase its dominance on the phones day by day and the biggest example is sending money to WhatsApp. This feature, which is still in the testing phase, will be tested in India and presented to the world.

WhatsApp Payments The feature will be available to the world after testing and users will be able to transfer money easily to friends and acquaintances via WhatsApp.

How to send money with WhatsApp

Accept the terms of use in Settings> Payments and verify your phone number.

After the verification process, select the bank you want to add and do the pairing. Then switch to the message window of the user to whom you want to send money, and tap the paperclip icon in the message section, tap the payment option there, and complete the money sending process.

This feature is expected to be in Turkey, currently in beta stage and in later times. Bkm Express will present their work in this direction.

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