How to Send High-Size Videos

High-sized files can sometimes be annoying for smartphone users. Messaging applications such as Whatsapp, email services can sometimes set useless quotas in sending high-sized files. However, of course you cannot send high-sized files that you cannot send from messaging applications or via email.

You can send videos you have taken from your phone or downloaded from the internet using additional applications or by raring applications like winrar.

How to Send Large Video Files from iPhone

You don't need to use additional applications to send large files on Apple devices. Airdrop feature in Apple system will provide you convenience.

From your Apple device, access Settings> General> AirDrop. Switch to the photo section by selecting all contacts or the person you want to send. Here you can select the video you want to send. Do not use AirDrop if your contact does not use Apple. It would be more accurate to use Google Drive or Dropbox instead of Airdrop. You can use Airdrop to send from an Apple device to an Apple device.

How to send high-size videos on Android phones

Android devices, such as Apple does not have a feature offered on the device. On Android devices, you need to use extra services to send high-quality video to the other party. You can use popular services like Google Drive, Dropbox, Onedrive.

But you can use the wetransfer app to send high-size video on Android devices. You can send video files up to 2 GB via Wetransfer. There is also no additional charge. Click here to install wetransfer on your Android device.

Drive, one of Google's services, is another service you can use. You can sign in to Google Drive via Google Drive and send it directly to the email of the person you send. Up to 15 GB of storage on Google Drive. Just having a Gmail account is enough to use Drive.

Send Anywhere is a high-sized file submission application that we can finally recommend. You can send your files up to 50 GB and encrypt them if you want.

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