How to Make Twitter Night Mode on iPhone?

You can also use the night mode feature, which has just arrived on the Twitter platform, on your iPhone. The famous platform named Twitter has first tried the night mode feature on the phones that have android operating system and later brought iPhone branded phones and Apple iOS operating system has managed to win the hearts of users. The biggest feature of Night Mode is that the color tones are selected from the colors that do not tire the eyes at night and tweets can be read in a much simpler way.

How to Activate Night Mode Exactly on iPhone?

– In order to do this, you need to open Twitter application first.
– After opening the application you need to tap the menu named Ben and open your profile page.
– Tap the Settings icon next to your name and select Turn on Night Mode from the screen that will appear.
– You can cancel night mode very simply by touching the Turn off Night Mode option you have turned on using the same method.

Twitter platform is trying to run on the android operating system with a great interest in the Night Mode feature called iOS users also want to keep the activity at a much higher level.

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