How to Install Email to Android Phones?

How to Install Email to Phone?

It's a constant fact that technology makes our lives easier. When technology entered our new lives, email follow-up and e-mail correspondence entered into our mobile phones. Email correspondence via mobile phone can now be done easily in an instant way.

With email applications you can install on your Android device, you can do email correspondence for your business or personal use. After completing the installation process of the email application, you can reply to your e-mails both via computer and smart devices.

Email installation on Android Phones;

First, enter the Google Play Store and install the Email application on your phone. If you use mail with gmail extension, just install Gmail and sign in.

After installing EMail on your device, tap dokun Add account ”. Proceed to the first step by entering your username and password here. There are considerations in the account type section. If you want to use your e-mail address only on your mobile phone, you will have to choose the type of IMAP if you want to use Pop3 or both. After you have entered your email address and server, you will also be able to complete your installation after accepting TLS certificates.

After completing this process, you will find the answer to your question on how to set up Email address for Android phones.

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