How to find Lost and Stolen phone

How to find Lost and Stolen phoneIf you're wondering what to do, you're in the right place. One of the services Google provides to us is the Find my phone feature. Many people do not know and use this feature. Unique service for lost or stolen phone.

Find my phone service supports both Android and IOS platform. To use the Find my phone feature, you need to sign in with your gmail account. If you're signed in to your device with your gmail account, you can lock your device, make calls, or delete data with the Find my phone service. I want to remind you about deleting data. Not all of your data may be deleted during sime. This is because in some cases your SD card is not accessible. In such cases, your data on your sd card may not be deleted.

How to use Find my phone?

We will discuss how to search, lock, or delete data for ringers or losers separately.

To do all this, you'll need to log in to

From the screen that opens when you sign in, click the Find your phone button at the bottom of the Login and Security section.

For those who can't find it, just go to Find my phone

We come to the devices we log in and click the device we want to make transactions and re-enter our password.

Now let's see what we can do in turn.

Ring the bell or locate

If you think the phone is not ringing, you can only ring it if you forget where you put it.

When you click the ringer, your phone starts ringing. The Find option locates your phone from the map, but there is one drawback to this feature. To use this, you need to have your GPS enabled. Otherwise, find device does not work. If the GPS is on, it finds the device. In addition, if you do Google find phone diearama trying to find your device directly on the map.

Lock the phone

Now let's come to the phone rings. You can lock your phone remotely and display it on the lock screen you want, and if you want, you can enter your number and call the owner on the lock screen.

Locking stolen phone


You can sign out to prevent anyone else from accessing your signed-in account.

Delete data on the device

If you have important or unwanted data on the device, you can delete it remotely. At first I mentioned it again. In some cases your SD card cannot be accessed and your data on the SD card may not be deleted.

If you are sure to come to the bottom of the consider deleting your device, Yes, we press the delete button.

delete data from a stolen phone

That's it for recording and finding the stolen phone. For all these features to work, at least wifi or mobile data must be turned on. I hope you get your device. You can use the comments section for any problems.

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