How to Disable Find My iPhone

Activated upon your first iPhone installation Find My iPhone The feature must be turned off before you can reinstall. If you are going to give your phone to a service or perform a device reset yourself, you will definitely need to disable Find My iPhone. Otherwise, you will never be able to reinstall the device.

Find My iPhone feature allows you to easily track your location when you lose or steal your phone. However, there is no other feature that will enable you to use this feature only if you want to keep track of your children.

How to Turn Off Find My iPhone

This is a feature that runs under iCloud, you will be able to track or shut down your iCloud account. When you enter the iCloud options in the Settings section of your phone, you will see Find My iPhone Feature. If you don't remember your iCloud password, you need to renew your password first because you won't be able to take any action until you have successfully entered your iCloud password.

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After you turn off this feature, you will no longer be able to track your device. If you have disabled your device to reset it, never forget to re-activate it after installation.

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