How do I subscribe to Türknet? How to get to Türknet?

In this article you will find answers to questions such as how do I subscribe to Türknet? First of all, what I wrote here is my own experience. I do not have the difficulties or conveniences that I have, but I do not think that much will change. Let's talk about a little turknet. Türknet is an internet service provider contracted with Türktelekom (using Türktelekom's infrastructure. In some places they have their own infrastructure). What makes Türknet so attractive is that all of us have lifted the quota of fair use, which is a pain in the ass. Another feature is the absence of commitment. So you can turn off your internet whenever you want. In the next section, I will talk about how to apply to Türknet, how to fill in the documents, what happened to me and whether I am satisfied with my internet or not. I need to remind you before you go on to tell, if you are impatient friends and you can not even do a day without the Internet I say absolutely do not mess, but I'm patient if you say plenty of time you can move on to the next section. The writing will be a bit long, I'm sorry for that. You can read any part of the headlines, but my advice is to read it first.

Before subscribing, you can check how fast you can go to that address.

How do I subscribe to Türknet?

How do I fill out the paperwork?

The paper filling part is very simple. There are some unnecessary parts in the incoming documents, such as checking the documents, a blank page and the page where you can send the documents. You don't need to print them out. After you enter the necessary information, others need to sign at the bottom of each page. Finally, you need to take a duplex photo of your ID and combine it into a single image and upload it from my online documents.

Once you have filled in the paperwork, tell them that you want to send it to Türknet at any mng cargo branch. They're gonna ask you for the shipment code. That code is written to you as a message or to the unnecessary place in the documents they send you. After you give the code, you can send it for free.

What happened to me.

August 30, 2018

I made my application on. I was using Türktelekom before, and I switched off the internet on 30 August to avoid the extra bill. The reason for closing the bill is 59 TL to 86 TL due to the end of the campaign. When I applied to Turknet, I think the system did not accept because of the card. When I created a virtual card and tried again, my application was accepted and my online user name and password came to my phone. The application documents came to my e-mail address. In the meantime, I bought very cheap vdsl modems from the market I am very pleased with the modem.

August 31, 2018

I took out my application documents and went to a friend who used Turknet before to help fill out the paperwork. I went home after filling in the paperwork.

September 01, 2018

I had to ask the customer service about my paperwork before I sent the paperwork. Every time I call the call center, I meet the announcement saying that my documents have not yet arrived and that they will start the transactions after I have reached my documents. It's really annoying. Anyway, I sent my paperwork before noon because the cargo branches worked until Saturday noon.

In the evening, they called the customer service and told me I had to send my documents. I told him that I had sent, and when I had the opportunity to ask my question, which I had spent a long time trying to ask. I made my application because I am a lean internet user and my documents came in this way, I applied to the Internet after I asked if I would have a problem. The customer representative said that my documents were wrong in this case and that the phone line would be defined from scratch and they would reflect the installation fee of 30 TL and my application should be canceled and redirected to the sale again. But the modem I ordered was not even delivered to the shipment yet, so they said they could cancel my application after I got the modem. Okay, I said wait, and I waited for the modem to be sent.

September 3, 2018

Documents submitted

September 4, 2018

The modem has just been shipped and Ups has delivered it quickly, thank you.

September 5, 2018

I called the customer service and asked if the modem reached, I said I reached and we did the cancellation process. They said that they could not choose vdsl again because I applied as vdsl before, and I could switch to vdsl free of charge. Then, both me and my friend asked me to use the invitation code for free to get the code when I called a friend to wait for the customer representative had to turn off the waiting. In the meantime, I got the code and I couldn't call again.Invitation code:0BN11PR30WWW). Contrary to what the lady said, I could choose vdsl. I applied again and then the representative just called again. I told him that I made my application and he checked and said that I had an application and closed it. I went to get my paperwork as it came.

September 08, 2018

I sent the documents back to Türknet.

September 9, 2018

They came from Türktelekom to check the line.

September 11, 2018

Although my documents were delivered, I could not access the internet because they had not yet uploaded my documents to the system. In the activation part, we have the opportunity to reach the chat style directly with the activating friends. I stated that my documents reached their hands, they were still not uploaded to the system and I would cancel the application if my internet did not open when I went home in the evening. After a while, they scanned the documents and uploaded them to the system and sent my username and password. I made my settings and finally got my internet. Of course I did a speed test as soon as I connected, of course, the screen shot is below. Türktelekom'da 7 mb anca using the same infrastructure while using 16 ping 33 mb turknet te download speed was getting 3 mb. This was really great for me. Frankly, it wasn't a painful process for me because I was working. Most of the time I was at work and I went to bed early. But even I was outraged. If you do not have the patience to connect to the internet if you do not have another possibility a very troubled process awaits you.

So I'm glad I passed. No akn no commitment and 35 mb more what you would want. I apologize for spelling and expression errors. I hope it has been useful to you. You can ask any kind of questions that I don't tell you. There may be minor inaccuracies in dates, but that's the way I apply and connect.

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