Finding out who the number belongs to

How do I know who the number belongs to? you are on the right page.
The caller's number may be deleted from your contacts from time to time or you may not have saved it at all. In such cases, it would be wise to find out who the caller is by using the methods I'll give you and wait for the call to end, because there may be someone who you don't like or don't like. I think you certainly do not look at the number you do not know or not registered. Anyway caller ID. Let's move to methods.

Find out who the caller number belongs to

1. WhatsApp Find out who the number belongs to

I think the easiest and fastest WhatsAppTo check.

  • Save the number in your contacts, you can write that the name does not matter.
  • WhatsAppOpen and contacts tab come on top of each other 3 points click and click refresh.
  • You can find the person you've saved from your updated contact list and check if they're not the unit you know from the profile picture.

2. Learning whose number belongs to the Internet

As another method, there are free sites that provide number inquiry service on the internet. I there is.

It's simple to use. Type the number you want to call with zero, without spaces. 05xxxxxxxxx

Who is questioning this number

3. Facebook number inquiry

If the number you want to find has a facebook account and you have registered with the number in your phone and left the call open (but there is a condition), you can type the number in the facebook search box and find the profile for that number.

These 3 methods are completely free to use. The following methods vary according to your operator and paid services. Furthermore, the above methods do not work 100%.

4. Calling numbers from the services of GSM operators

If the above 3 methods have not worked, you can use these paid services.

Before you can use these services, you need to know which operator is calling you. This is because you can switch to another operator without changing the number.

To find out which is the operator of the number of queries per enter the number without leading zeros to go to the address.

Avea number inquiry how to do?

Avea unknown numbers service 11855 d. In order to use this service, the number inquiry of the number you are calling must be turned on.

The use of 11855

  1. By sending sms (Each message is 1.25 TL)
    1. You want to know the number without zero at the beginning 11855‘E can learn by throwing sms.
  2. Calling 11855 (1.25 TL per minute)
    1. 11855 You can tell the owner of the number by saying the number you want to know.
  3. * By dialing 100 # (Fee 1.25 TL)
    1. your phone *one hundred# Key in unknown numbers serviceYou can find out the details of the number you want from.

How to make Turkcell number inquiry?

TurkcellTo make an inquiry from number by sms to 2222 without zero at the beginning You can learn. (Fee: $ 1.49)

Or 11832 You can find out who the number belongs to. (You Line Turkcell per minute $ 1.25If you are a different operator, you will be charged at your carrier's charge.)

How to make Vodafone number inquiry?

  1. 11842 call (1.25)
    1. 11842You want to call question the number You can do

To whom the number belongs With these services you can learn easily.

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