Can the Lock Screen on iPhone be opened without pressing the button?

With the iOS 10 operating system, many features have been added to the iPhone branded phones. Now you need to press the home button to open the locked screen that came with the iOS 10 operating system with a fingerprint. Many people think that this feature is annoying that iPhone phones have been out of their habit for years. But there is a very simple way to close it. You can follow the steps below and use your fingerprint (Touch ID) without holding down the home key to unlock the screen very easily.

Just follow the steps below;

– Log in to Settings via the home screen of your iPhone,
– Then go to General section,
– Log in to Accessibility,
– Immediately after, enter the Home Button,
– Then you need to turn on the feature called Put Finger Open.

You will be able to unlock the screen without touching and holding your Home button on the Touch ID by turning on this feature. When you perform the operations at the top, you will now be able to unlock the screen without holding down the key. Everyone is confused and does not know how to solve this problem with such an easy method.

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